Scout red
Health 18
Armor 12
Strength 12
Dexterity 18
Speed 8
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Initiative +7

The Scout is one of the least durable classes at 18 hitpoints on level 1. He is, however, the by far fastest class with a speed of 8.


Minor ActionEdit

As with all classes, switching and reloading weapons takes up a minor action. Another one is calling out to a Medic. That's about it already, although certain special objects may use Minor Actions.

Move ActionEdit

Due to the unique nature of the Scout's playstyle, the player is able to divide his Move action into two smaller ones, encouraging players to, quite literally, hit and run. However, the second move action may not exceed three squares. Alternately, one part of the move action may be used for a double-jump, which will only get the Scout as far as two spaces at most, but allows reaching places other classes can not, jump over moats and walls (unless they go all the way up to the ceiling) and onto ledges. This does however require an athletics check, which depends on the jump.

Standard ActionEdit

Since the Scout has no real special abilities, the only standard action he has is his attack.


The Scattergun can hold six shells at a time. But it fires so quickly that with every attack, the player shoots twice in direct succession. This can be used against one or two targets, if it's against two there will be a separate attack roll and in any case both shells get their own damage roll.

At Will
Standard Action Ranged Attack (2/3)
Target: Up to two targets (separate attack throws)

Attack: Strength+4 vs. AC

Hit: 2x (1d12+4)

Miss: 1d8-1

Effect: If the first shot misses, the second one does not happen at all.

Unlocked at level 3

The six shells it loads aside, the player can carry up to 32 extra shells, making for a grand total of 19 shots before one runs out.


With a standard twelve shot clip and (in comparison with the Scattergun) ridiculously low damage output, the Pistol is a sidearm at best - except on long range, since it's accuracy is considerably higher than that of the Scattergun. Which, come to think of it, isn't much of a surprise, but anyhow.

At Will
Standard Action Ranged Attack (6/8)
Target: One enemy

Attack: Dexterity+2 vs. AC

Hit: 1d8+3

Miss: No damage

Effect: ---

Unlocked at level 2

A scout can carry 36 additional bullets, making for a grand total of 48 shots.


It's aluminum. Very light. And it has no sharp edges. The bat has the lowest damage output of all the standard melee weapons. It still does more damage than the pistol, so charging with the Bat and quickly retreating afterwards is indeed a valid option if you run out of shells.

At Will
Standard Action Melee Attack
Target: One enemy

Attack: Strength+4 vs. AC

Hit: 1d8+5

Miss: None

Effect: ---

Unlocked at level 1

Saving ThrowsEdit

The Scout's extraordinary agility allows him to evade attacks with relative ease: Any attack with a projectile, be it a rocket, a syringe, an arrow (though not bullets), can be dodged with a standard issue saving throw.

Dodgeable AttacksEdit

  • Rockets (Soldier)
  • Grenades (Demoman)
  • Syringes (Medic)
  • Arrow (Sniper with Huntsman)
  • Jarate (Sniper)
  • Baseball (Scout with Sandman)
  • Mad Milk (Scout)
  • Any melee attack except a backstab

Daily PowersEdit

Bonk! Atomic Punch
Standard Action Buff
Target: Self

Attack: ---

Hit: ---

Miss: ---

Effect: The player will be invulnerable until the end of his next turn, but can not use any weapons until then.

Unlocked at level 9

Why is this a daily power when ingame one has practically unlimited cans? Because I say so. Stop asking stupid questions.

Encounter PowersEdit

Standard Action Melee Attack
Target: One adjacent enemy

Attack: Weapon against AC

Hit: Weapon damage +4

Miss: Staggers player

Effect: Pushes target 1 space

Unlocked at level 4

At-Will PowersEdit

Double Jump
At Will
Move Action ---
Target: Any square in burst 2

Attack: Athletics check against value set by FM

Hit: ---

Miss: The jump fails

Effect: Player makes a huge leap and lands on the predetermined square

Unlocked at level 1

At Will
Standard Action Ranged Attack (1/2)
Target: Any enemy within 8 squares

Attack: Weapon check +2 against AC

Hit: Regular weapon damage

Miss: The attack misses

Effect: Grants combat advantage

Unlocked at level 1

NPC Tiers and AbilitiesEdit

Note: Higher tier NPCs have all the abilities of the lower tiers unless stated otherwise.


The Scout Minion is the lowest tier enemy overall: He can only use the bat and dies with a single hit. He can, however, use the double jump as well as the charge and has the same high speed and initiative as a player character of the same level.

His bat does four points of damage.

AC = 10


In addition to the bat, the messenger can use the standard pistol. He doesn't carry extra ammunition and only has 50% of it's level's Health.

The pistol takes four health points in one shot.

AC = 12


Batters have full health. They also never appear below level 3. Like the Messenger, they can not use the Scattergun, but they do 1d6 extra damage with the bat. Can also use Bonk! as an encounter power and he carries extra pistol ammunition.

His bat does regular damage, the pistol four points.

AC = 14


Has 150% health. Can also not die from a single headshot when at full health (even a full sniper's crit). The lowest tier that can use the scattergun, for 1d8+2 damage.

AC = 16


At 100% health somewhat easier to defeat than the Courier, one would think. One would be wrong: The Rush-Shot does full damage with the Scattergun and has a +3 bonus on saving throws, making him hard to hit and considerably more dangerous.

AC = 12


Quick as lightning, the Asteroid has a speed of 12, but only 50% health and a -3 penalty to saving throws: Only really dangerous when he reaches the target during his turn, easy to defeat outside.

AC = 8

The LeadEdit

The Lead is a more unique model: 250% Health, a speed of 9 and double damage with both the bat and the Scattergun. Gets +2 on saving throws and +4 on all attack rolls.

AC = 22

Extra ItemsEdit

Offense Defense Support
Scout · Soldier · Pyro Heavy · Demoman · Engineer Spy · Sniper · Medic

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