Soldier red
Health 30
Armor 20
Strength 18
Dexterity 14
Speed 5
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 12
Initiative +6

The Soldier is a major offensive class: Armed with a rocket launcher (that for some reason can store four rockets in it's singular barrel), a shotgun and a miniaturized cake spoon, he will play an important role in any good offense.


Minor ActionEdit

As with all classes, switching and reloading weapons takes up a minor action. Another one is calling out to a Medic.

Move ActionEdit

Walking aside, the Soldier has the unique (in context of this game, not video games altogether) ability of rocketjumping. Since this utilizes a weapon and can potentially harm enemies, it's a standard action.

Standard ActionEdit

Obviously, the Soldier can fire his respective weapons.

Rocket LauncherEdit

The Rocket Launcher holds four rockets in it's barrel, but can only fire one at a time. Which I guess is good for the opposite team, as a rocket shotgun sounds awfully convenient. Reloading the Rocket Launcher is an awfully lengthy process, only two rockets are replaced per action.

Rocket Launcher
At Will
Standard Action Ranged Attack (8/10)
Target: One enemy in range

Attack: Strength+6 vs. Dexterity

Hit: 2d10+6 Blast 3 Explosion Damange

Miss: 1d6 Explosion Damage

Effect: Pushes players and NPCs out of the blast radius

Unlocked at level 3

The four rockets in the launcher aside, every soldier can carry up to twenty extra rockets, making for a total of 24 shots before ammunition must be acquired.


Mostly due to the long reloading time and the admittedly relatively small ammo capacity of the Rocket Launcher, a Soldier needs a good fallback weapon. The standard issue shotgun does the trick.

At Will
Standard Action Ranged Attack (4/6)
Target: One enemy

Attack: Dexterity+4 vs. AC

Hit: 1d12+4

Miss: 1d6

Effect: ---

Unlocked at level 2

The shotgun holds six shells at a time, with another thirty-two to spare.


G. Frohman, veteran shovelist, can attest to the inherent deadliness of the shovel. It may be a short ranged weapon (even shorter since it's the foldable kind), but if your target is within that range, it's sure to have a headache afterwards.

At Will
Standard Action Melee Attack
Target: One adjacent enemy

Attack: Strength+4 vs. AC

Hit: 1d10+4

Miss: No damage

Effect: ---

Unlocked at level 1

Daily PowersEdit

War Face
Standard Action Buff
Target: ---

Attack: ---

Hit: ---

Miss: ---

Effect: For the rest of the encounter, grants his team combat advantage

Unlocked at level 20

The name is a reference to a movie I never even saw. Blame Rexie for it.

Encounter PowersEdit

Standard Action Melee Attack
Target: One enemy in within [speed] squares

Attack: Strength+4 vs. Dexterity

Hit: 1d12+4

Miss: Player stops standing next to the enemy

Effect: Grants Combat Advantage

Unlocked at level 1

At-Will PowersEdit

No soldier is a good soldier unless he blows himself to smithereens on a regular basis... or something like that.

Rocket Jump
At Will
Standard Action Blast 3
Target: Oneself

Attack: Acrobatics check

Hit: 1d12 in Blast 3, 1d8 on self

Miss: 1d12 on self, jump fails

Effect: Allows reaching higher places

Unlocked at level 10

NPC Tiers and AbilitiesEdit

Note: Higher tier NPCs have all the abilities of the lower tiers unless stated otherwise.


This pseudo-military worthless piece of crap found a helmet in the gutter, next to some guy and his head. He put it on and liked how it muffled sound. Suddenly he found himself in a warzone, with nothing but a shovel that does four points of damage.

AC = 10


A proper soldier is he, but of such low rank that he has yet to be granted his main weapon. He does, however, carry a shotgun that does up to eight points of damage.

AC = 12

Extra ItemsEdit

Offense Defense Support
Scout · Soldier · Pyro Heavy · Demoman · Engineer Spy · Sniper · Medic

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