Teams&Fortresses is a crude effort to create a DnD game with a Team Fortress 2 - theme, including the classes, weapons and objectives. It's also supposed to be played via the internet utilizing a custom-made UI.


The UI

The goal is to basically alienate the player base for either game. Hehehe. Nah, but seriously: TnF pretty much aims to change the setting of the classic Dungeons and Dragons, while keeping as much of the gameplay as the new setting allows. Admittedly, I do not know all that buch about DnD, but hey, everyone's got to start somewhere.

Teams&Fortresses consists of two parts: The board (seen to the left) and a whole lot of text. The board is mostly finished, the text still pretty much a work in progress with only one class (termporarily) finished. But worry not.

Offense Defense Support
Scout - Soldier - Pyro Demoman - Heavy - Engineer Sniper - Spy - Medic